About the project (english version)

Confiscati Bene (literally, “Well Confiscated”) is a participatory project aiming at stimulating an effective re-use of buildings and other assets seized from the mafia. The project investigates their current condition and potential through the analysis of relevant data coming both from official sources and from bottom-up, citizen monitoring initiatives.

ConfiscatiBene is carried out by a diverse group of journalists, activists and technologists, and actively involves existing national and local anti-mafia and citizen monitoring associations. They offer their own specific expertise to investigate current use, management practices, and potential for regional development.

How many confiscated assets are there? Where are they? What’s their value? Are they effectively used by local communities?

The project

Our project was initially developed during the 2014 hackathon of the Spaghetti Open Data community in Bologna, where a group of citizens has extracted, cleaned and restored official data from the National Agency for Confiscated Assets (ANBSC) for the first time. The goal has rapidly expanded to include the development of new tools such as a data catalog and an area for data analysis and storytelling.

These tools were made available because we believe that a global view on the mafia-seized properties can facilitate public engagement on how to effectively re-use these assets. This can also represent a key tool to fight organized crime in Italy, since it enhances the visibility of mafia-related issues. Our platform is also intended as a crowdsource of ideas and suggestions from citizens and stakeholders in order to collaborate with national and local institution to improve the management and the enhancement of confiscated assets.

The main features of ConfiscatiBene are listed below:

Are you a Lover?

Wish to share information on your town / neighbourhood ? Do you like data analysis? Then you're a Lover of "Confiscati Bene"! Partecipate to our MailingList and bring your ideas to strengthen our community and foster a collective storytelling on the re-use of mafia-sized assets.

...or are you a Maker?

Do you want to became an activist for this project? There is a lot of work to do as a Maker! Based on your abilities, skills and specific interests you can:

  • Hack and develop - Collaborate with the group of technologists who are developing the platform.

  • Investigate, then tell the story - Are you aware of a confiscated asset in your area and you want to monitor it? Go to Monithon platform and submit your report! Follow the instructions here.

  • Share your data - Are you part of an anti-mafia NGO or association? Many local and national organizations are collecting and mapping data on confiscated assets. Do you want to share your data with Confiscati Bene? Get in touch with the project managers via mail or Twitter's @confiscatibene or our #confiscatibene official hashtag.

Collaborative, structured and up-to-date information makes the fight against corruption stronger!

Any idea you might have, let us know your proposal and tell us how you could contribute: please contact us at info@confiscatibene.it.